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Zune Features Upgrade Rumors

Competition vendor PMP (Portable Media Player) day by day more fierce. Each manufacturer tries upgrading its quality. Say, Apple re designing the next generation Apple Ipod Nano with the latest features of the camera. Microsoft also did not want to budge. They plan to release a Zune HD.

Microsoft Zune HD prepared with touch screen 480x272 pixels. Use screen organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) it can be estimated to extend battery age and image quality. In addition to play songs, Zune is able to play the video high-definition 720p. There is a web browser and services catcher HD radio signals.

The sound quality offered is higher than conventional radio. Zune HD is also equipped with wifi connection. That allows users to download music wireless plus the purchase songs they hear from the FM radio on the Zune sophisticated. Connectivity with Zune Marketplace is still observed.


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