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Internet for Children

Must be recognized that the Internet provides a lot of information needed by both parents and children. But can not be denied, the Internet also have a negative side to the development of children. Various porn sites, pictures murder, and adults with reading children's easy to get from the internet. Now what? Are we to forbid children to our pro-surfing in the virtual world?.

Not decline again, roam the virtual world can be very fun. We can see information about a country, without our own need to go there. We can also send a letter to all over the world in just a matter of minutes. In addition, the Internet can also connect with our friends and brothers that we in other parts of the world.

In fact many ways to secure the internet access at home. First, we can request a subscription to the ISP to block sites that are dangerous for children. Only the ISP usually only distort information. For example, when customers access to a porn site that is in the list, which appears is another site. Now in the United States have an ISP that is designed specifically for children: this.com. Unfortunately, the ISP model has not been like this in our country there. Browser on the computer we usually also provide the security of the Internet. Through the control panel, you can create your own security, to block the sites that are not desired. We can also install software to restrict access to certain internet children. There are several software that can be found online. Software that is famous Netnanny, Cyberpatrol, Surwatch, and KitProof. But software-software is not guarantee the children from the negative influence of the virtual world. Because sometimes the security leak. Based on the experience of some parents' internet users, net the most effective way is to inculcate good values since the early to the children.


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